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"Ferguson is NOT a war zone. I’ve been in two war zones and those people shot back.” -a civilian speaker at the Atlanta vigil this passed Thursday.

Reasons to start shooting back… 

g o l d f a n g z
Anyone know what rail guard that is on the bottom gun? 

M&P 45 with Apex Tactical trigger and internals. frame work done by Boresight Solutions. 10-8 Performance basepads


People use to call gun rights activists paranoid. “When will the government turn on you? THIS IS AMERICA!”. Yea, this IS America. 


Norwegian Navy testing their new NSM (Naval Strike Missile) on a decommissioned frigate.

I wonder if the Norwegian Navy considers themselves to be Vikings. 


Smith & Wesson Model 3914

A single stack 9mm pistol with an 8+1 capacity, its actually quite uncommon to see one for sale. The Model 3913 is the same gun but has a stainless steel slide and frame. In spite their obscurity in a market dominated by polymer framed pistols, the 3914 is still considered by many as a great reliable 9mm for concealed carry. (GRH)

That’s a variant of my S&W909. It’s such a fun little gun.

Edit: Here it is:

The two sides of Obama


When a citizen kills a kid: “WE NEED TO TAKE AWAY GUNS”

When government kills a kid: “That sucks but everyone needs to chill”

Finding and then winning an ebay auction for a discontinued magazine for your favorite handgun for under $30: Priceless. 

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